Foeter Breizh (Breton Wanderer) 2012
Anthem 2012 for Redadeg breton relay


Roc'h 2010
Paganab / Boutou


E-Unan 2008
Paganab / BNC
Live Solo


Lagan 2005
Paganab / BNC


Straed an Amann 2003




Brazil - Fazenda Samambaia
South America
Farm:Fazenda Samambaia
Region:Sul de Minas
Varietal:Mondo Novo
Processing:Pulped natural, dried on patio
Citrus acidity, sweet and creamy, notes of pear, medium body

The cool, green hills of Sul de Minas provide the ideal conditions for coffee growing, producing some of Brazil's finest beans. Farmer, Henrique Dias Cambraia is committed to the production of high quality coffee and responsible and environmentally sustainable proccesses. He employs individualised phytosanitary controls of the planting fields and quality control training programs involving his whole team.

El Salvador - El Borbollon
Central America
Farm:Le Reforma & El Cerro
Region:Santa Ana Volcano
Varietal:100% Bourbon
Processing:Fully washed and sun dried
Apple acidity, cherry notes, sweet medium body

The Alvarez family have been growing coffee in El Salvador for over 100 years. Their award-winning farms are located in the lush green hills of Santa Ana and are rich in volcanic soils with a mild climate, providing ideal conditions for growing great coffee. The beans which together make up El Borbollon come from two small neighbouring farms - La Reforma and El Cerro. They are hand-picked and collected in traditional hand weaved baskets from December to March.

The Alvarez family offer considerable support to local communities, including schools and health clinics provided free on their farms. The family is also committed to developing sustainable practices in order to protect and preserve the natural environment.

Kenya - Gethumbwini AB
Farm:Gethumbwini Estate
Varietal:K7 SL 28 SL 34
Processing:Fully washed and dried on African Beds
Bright acidity, citrus lime, caramel, medium body

Gethumbwini Estate farm is located in the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges, overlooking the Chania River, 40kms north of Nairobi. The estate is situated at an altitude of 1,800m in an area rich in red volcanic soil, making it an ideal quality coffee producing area. The coffees are processed by hulling facilities, offering employment to some 100 full time staff and a further 200 seasonal workers. Processing is carried out by wet pulping. The coffee then undergoes overnight fermentation before it is then washed, soaked, skin-dried and then sun-dried, after which it is stored in conditioning bins until milled.

Rwanda - Musasa
Farm:Musasa Cooperative
Region:Ruli sector, Rushashi District
Varietal:Red Bourbon
Processing:Fully washed and sun dried
A lively coffee with ripe sweetness and black cherry notes.

A Cooperative in the highlands of northern Rwanda since 2003, Musasa is now one of the countries largest cooperatives. Musasa produces consistantly excellent coffee with bright acidity and complexity due to the ideal growing conditions for the 100% red bourbon coffee trees and the meticulous attention to detail by the farmers.

Musasa is part of a group of cooperatives assisted by the PEARL (The Partnership for Enhancing Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages) program, which has done essential work in rebuilding the coffee farming industry, focusing the attention on quality, rather than quantity.

Tanzania - Kilimanjaro AA Tarakea
Farm:Tarakea Rural Cooperative Society
Varietal:Bourbon type variety N39
Processing:Fully washed
Creamy mouthfeel and mild acidity with notes of berry fruit and sweet molasses

Produced by the Tarakea Rural Cooperative Society, which is made up of several hundred smallholder farmers, the coffee is farmed on the North Eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro at 1,400 - 1,700 metres above sea level. In not dissimilar fashion to many of the vineyards in Burgundy, the land is passed down to each generation, meaning some farms are one acre in size.